Go Home, Pneumonia

I’m breaking my longtime procrastination of writing a blog post about literally the best summer ever to ask you all to pray for my mom. Sunday she wasn’t feeling well… Monday didn’t go too well either… Tuesday she figured out she had the flu… Wednesday, Dad took her in to the hospital. She ended up staying overnight to get rehydrated and so that they could check for lung infection… This morning, Thursday, I woke up to the fact that Mom has pneumonia. This is the sickest I have ever seen her, and it is honestly a little scary and stressful for all of us! She is in the hospital again tonight, and will be until they release her. Please pray for my mom – that she will heal quickly and safely, and that our family will work together to keep some semblance of order in our home.

Mom is in isolation right now but thankfully we are allowed in to see her! And I mean – we do look pretty good in our itchy masks and rubber gloves!😜

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Anybody Need a Ride?

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! Guess who got her license!?!?!? That’s right – ME!!!!!!! I had my road test yesterday and passed with zero points off! We raced home from camp in Washington and made it with an hour to spare. I was incredibly nervous because on August 8 I had taken my first road test and failed… And let’s just say when you have to go back and do it again it’s a whole lot more stressful! But second times a charm and I drove out of the SGI office with my sister in the front seat!!!! Continue reading

Destruction: a Hail Storm Tale

We saw the storm rolling in. My phone was receiving the National Alert System, lighting up with a tornado warning. The clouds were swiftly moving in from the west, speeding over our valley. Looking up we could see an ominous light blue line – separating the higher, smooth clouds from the low rolling ones. Finally the clouds passed over our house and we could breathe again… And then the rain hit. There was also a golfball sized hail warning on – but we seem to get those fairly regularly and they never amount to anything. But about a minute into the rain something slams into our window, and then another… and another… It soon sounds like our window is going to shatter from the force and size of the hail. We all gather in the hallway away from the windows, just in case. Finally after three minutes or so the insane pounding begins to subside. We ran to check all of our windows – and thankfully the glass panes were still all in one piece. I looked out the front window and saw something around six feet long that almost looked like a piece of siding – but I had no idea where exactly it came from… We braved the outdoors seconds later where the thunder was still booming and went to see the damage… Continue reading

“Your Self-Worth Isn’t Based on Your Grades”

Some of my peers may say I have extremely high standards when it comes to my grades… Actually – let me rephrase that – I KNOW I have extremely high standards when it comes to my grades. My grades reflect my high standards but whenever I got a grade that was a little lower than what I would’ve liked or even better than I would’ve liked my dad would always, without fail, ALWAYS, inform me that “Your self worth isn’t based on your grades.” To which I would let out a disgruntled sigh and give a half hearted agreement. Because it is true…😁 Continue reading

Flood Renovations

Wow, I kind of got a little overwhelmed looking at these photos. Remember I mentioned that our house flooded? A water line thawed at the same time that the sewer pipe froze so we came home from Gospel Meeting to an inch of water throughout one end of the house. It has made life interesting for the last six months. So interesting that it’s even overwhelming looking through the photos. I will attempt to just go room by room for you… First off: the Master Bedroom. Continue reading


“So, where all did you go?”

“Um…. Everywhere.”

In Saskatchewan we do things a little differently in that we have a winter break for one week in February, and then an Easter break at the beginning of April instead of a two week spring break. So when I found out that Dad had a conference during our Easter break I was pretty excited! And then I took what I thought was a shot in the dark and asked my parents if Mariah could come with us. They said yes, and basically knocked my socks off. So my mom texted hers, asking if Mariah would like to come with us. They had to talk about it, so for a whole week I was like, “Raquenna, you can’t get your hopes up – her parents haven’t said yes yet.” So when I thought about it I would just try to tuck it into the back of my brain and not think about it. Finally the day came when I found out that she could come!!!! It was pretty much the best day ever!!!!! And I was just SO excited. It was a dream come true as I’ve always wanted to take her to Vancouver with me and show her where I lived for a third of my life. Continue reading

Mind Blown

I’m one of those freaky weird kids who actually really enjoys school and learning…πŸ€“ And one subject that I really enjoy is ELA – Math is probably first but ELA is a very close second. Our ELA teacher is very good at what she does and teaches me a lot about reading and ways to become a better reader. One thing she talks a lot about is foreshadowing – which is currently blowing my mind!!!!🀯 I’m rereading a book for about the fifth time and I keep having random freak outs because there is so much foreshadowing! I think it’s pretty cool when you learn about something at school and then it transfers into your life and just totally knocks you socks off… Anyway, that’s just my little nerd rant about ELA and how what you learn in school sometimes does apply to your life outside of school.😁 Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

Beach Break

I don’t know about the rest of you but sometimes when I get excited I start freaking out and have troubles breathing – I’m not quite sure if its my asthma or mental… Anyway… That’s how I was feeling as we approached our huge boat – that I was about to board. And when we walked on and everything was so fancy and there were glass elevators… It basically felt like I was on a huge floating castle! But let’s start back at the beginning – shall we? Continue reading

Bucks and Braces

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! We are flying down our hill, having a great time – then we hit deep snow and it all goes down our necks and we come to a sudden and complete halt. Lanaya flies off, with myself just a few seconds after her, so I flip/roll to the side avoiding crushing her by a couple centimetres… But that’s what happens when you go flying down a hill, on a sled, facing each other – you do cool flips and rolls…!!!πŸ˜‹Β The extra cool part about all of that was the fact that I didn’t even hurt anything!!! So now I’m hoping it will snow again and we’ll get some more quality sledding time in!πŸ˜‰ Continue reading